Just like woman, men’s fashion also changes every year and with every season. If you are one of those guys who like blowing money on his wardrobe and want a girl’s attention, then you need to be aware of these fashion trends. So, what are the fashion trends for 2015 for men? You might be happy to know that many of the trends which were popular last year seem to be dominating this year as well. Do you know what that means? You don’t need to do a complete wardrobe overhaul for 2015!


Here are a few trends which should be focused on in 2015:


Pastels: Last year, pastels did not only invade women’s closets, but it also managed to find its way in men’s wardrobes. During the warmer months, pastel shorts, vests and tees are perfect. For those who are trying this trend for the first time, they should go for masculine shades such as mint green or sky blue. These shades would fit easily into your current wardrobe.




Vivid Prints: From checks to micro dot patterns on sports jackets, vivid patterns and prints have been defined well last year. And how can we go without mentioned floral prints? Having a look at floral prints and summers, we are reminded of the 1970’s when men used to wear such patterns. However this trend is quite hard to work with for many men, but those who do carry it well are considered to be the star of the show.




All White: In 2014, we saw many designers making a refreshing change to bold colors and patterns and going for an ‘all-white’ outfit. White and off-white shades for men including cream, ivory, and beige are perfect during spring and summer because it makes you look and feel refreshed and cool. The head-to-toe bright white outfit look for men does not work for everyone, but off-white and beige colored heat-to-toe outfit is much more achievable. Cream color is softer than white, and is quite versatile when it comes to complementing other hues.





Bomber Jackets: How can we forget about bomber jackets? They are perfect for times when the weather conditions are unpredictable. Throughout 2014, we saw bomber jackets on many runways; all from varsity-influenced styles to military-inspired designs. Once winter comes along, bomber jackets are a great alternative to those old and boring winter coats. You can throw on a bomber jacket over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt when you want to look casual, or pair it with a shirt and trousers when heading out to enjoy the night.