The time has come for you to stop guessing what size you will need when you are shopping for clothes online or in a store when you don’t have time to try something on.


This may sound familiar:


Shopping online suits you because it’s very convenient to shop from home or the office; but you avoid considering brands or clothing that you haven’t already tested out because you are worried you will buy the wrong size.


If you did go ahead and take a chance, and then discovered you bought the wrong size, you dread the returns process and the fact that you will have to wait even longer to receive the garment you ordered in the correct size.


Traipsing around the stores is exhausting and you can’t bear the thought of visiting yet another store and trying on outfit after outfit in the hope that you find one or two items that might look good.


You have a unique body shape that is out of the norm for off-the-rack sizes in the majority of stores.


If you can relate to at least one of the above scenarios, you are not alone!


Why Is It So Tough To Find The Right Size?


Speaking for myself, I really don’t enjoy shopping at all.


I find it a major chore – with the crowds and the noise and the chaos and all that walking. I know, I sound like a grumpy old man.


If I need to purchase something I would much rather buy it online. However, since I don’t want to have to deal with exchanges and returns, I tend to stick to only the brands I know.


If I do take the chance and try a new brand, before I make the purchase I make sure that they offer a generous exchange policy. Even then, the fact that I have to wait so long for the replacement can put me off completely.


I would rather order the right thing in the first place!


What if there was a way to do that? What if there was a way to know your correct size for any item of clothing no matter what’s the brand? What if there was a way to know which brands work best for your body type?


No More Guessing Games


The great news is that I have found a site that will get rid of all of the sizing hassles that come with shopping for clothes online. The site is called Fitbay.


Fitbay will give you all of the information you need regarding any clothing item you want.


You can use Fitbay to find clothes that will fit you, and take a look at your body doubles (people with the same characteristics, proportions and measurements as you) to see what works on them. You will also discover new brands that will work perfectly for your body type.


Is It Free? Yes! It is free!


How Do I Sign Up?

It should only take you about 30 seconds to get started; and there is no need to measure anything. Simply answer a few simple questions about your body and you’re ready to go.


It’s As Simple As This:

1. Sign up for Fitbay – FREE!

2. Start building your profile and finding your body doubles

3. Once you are finished getting dressed, take a quick photo in the mirror, and document it.


It is so easy to document your clothes. Simply describe what you are wearing, what size it is, and how it fits.


The more items of clothes you add and tag, the more successful you will be. You are contributing to a supportive community and helping others to find clothes that fit them well, just as you will be able to find clothes that fit you perfectly by browsing to see what your body doubles are wearing.